Muzeum Monet i Medali Jana Pawła II
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ul. Jagiellońska 67/71
42-200 Częstochowa

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Museum Medal (70 mm, Silver plated)

Price 130,00 PLN (~32,50 EUR)



Museum Medal (70 mm, Silver plated)

The initiator of this medal  was Mr. Krzysztof Witkowski, who shared the idea with the previous owner of part of the collection – Mr. Wojciech Grabowski.

Mr. Grabowski suggested charging Mrs. Ewa Olszewska-Borys with that task. This artist represents the best Polish medalist school, and her works are well known all over the world.

During our first meeting Mrs. Ewa Olszewska-Borys showed her enthusiasm and she accepted the offer. It was already clear that an interesting idea was creating in her mind. As a result we have a very original medal. It shows John Paul II, whose face is emerging from brightness, so everyone can picture the image of Holy Father looking at us from there. His hands are however in our world.

The medal was minted by the Warsaw Mint.